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The unique abilities of Lys Flowerday to create fascinating and illusive worlds allow this artist-illustrator-image maker to balance a personal universe between fine art and commercial art.

A pervading sense of mystery is enhanced by unusual techniques : unassisted by software, traditional methods of working are timelessly mixed with her own modern twist. In a painterly and layered combination hand-drawn images are subtly blended and woven with discarded papers : a choreography of cut-outs, dense compositions of colliding figures and elements.

Playful, rigorous and surprising : designs for museum contexts, artwork for theatre and festivals, illustrations for performances, literary reviews and children’s books. Elsewhere imaginary narratives originating in a moving image project unfold in tableaux form. Commissions or personal projects, many now in private collections, these startling and mysterious pictures, detailed and intricately handcrafted, possess the quality of a waking dream.

Echoing his poetic prose, Lys paid homage to French writer Marcel Béalu in her prize-winning short animated film A Slip of a Girl in Paris (Petite Jeune Fille dans Paris).The fantastic quality in these images emerges from an atmosphere of false innocence and unease set within the concrete and seemingly familiar.

A Master of Arts in Illustration at the Royal College of Art and a former discipline of Fine Art at the Slade School made way for a synergetic harmony. In addition, a scholarship to the Ecole de La Cambre in Brussels, a broad professional experience in traditional animation both in London and in France has led her to develop a diverse sensibility.

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