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The striking and highly collectable assemblage compositions of Gilles Bourlet can be situated within the individual spirit and enlightened tradition of the French Arts et Métiers School.

Freely evolving in natural and instinctive progression from large scale design for theatre, dance, exhibitions and cultural events to enigmatic installations, unique trophies and luminous sculptures, this Maître d’Assemblages now crafts the most curious of evening stars to illuminate the vespertine folds of our minds and lives.

The unusual charm of these eclectic pieces lies in the simple nobility of the materials, the mystery and diversity of their origins, the beauty of their innate balance and the pure energy of each new design.

Each luminous sculpture has its own character and story not to mention absurd humour, paradoxical title, yes-you-can logic and conceptual pourquoi pas ?

Shining and defiant like exclamation marks or eerily demure like shy signals, the fabrication hallmark is so much surprise that the prosaic term of lamp would be far too dull and restrictive to use when describing these wondrous dusky luminaries, phosphoric sentinels, cast of enigmatic characters from a Commedia Quincaille’ Dell’Arte.

Born far from affectation under the sign of a joinery workshop, this autodidactic artist has distilled the secrets of sawdust in his veins. With the infinite ardour of an alchemist, patience and restraint he lovingly sources disparate parts, assembles and transforms. After creating imbalance to restore balance, he returns these elements to life in forever playful and provocative combinations.

Practical and ornamental, intriguing curiosities which will honour intimate alcoves and can stand gracefully as lone illuminations or be positioned in haloes of tallow tones.

  Gilles BOURLET - Lumminous Sculptures

Gilles BOURLET - Luminous Sculptures

  Gilles BOURLET - Trophies

Gilles BOURLET - Trophies

  Gilles BOURLET - Machines

Gilles BOURLET - Machines